What’s that one thing that cheered you up even on the day you had a double maths period? 


I’m not talking about your crush here, I’m referring to the kid who was lucky enough to get Maggi in their tiffin and share it with the entire class. 


The same tiffin wali Maggi that never saw the light of the break kyunki wo 3rd-period se pehle finish ho jati thi. 


‘Tiffin mein Maggi’ was the most important news that would cheer even the anti-social backbenchers.

Soon, everyone in the class would play a session of Chinese Whispers to spread the good news. 

The entire class would turn into sniffer dogs and wait for the kid with Maggi to open their tiffin as soon as the teacher turned towards the blackboard.

 It felt like we were all addicts and Maggi was our drug.  

And OMG, remember how the student who got Maggi was the celebrity and everybody wanted to be their best friend bench mate for the day so that they could get closer to Maggi.  


It was only when we had to circulate tiffin wali Maggi between our classes that we understood the importance and value of the cavity in our desk. 

Oh, the days where we’d sneak and eat Maggi from under our desks.


And then in the break, everybody would share their tiffin with the kid whose Maggi was robbed by the entire class. 


Tiffin wali Maggi taught us sharing more than anything else. Believe it or not it also taught us the standard rule of ” two puffs and pass” 


I mean, can we please just give a shoutout to the selfless student who got tiffin wali Maggi and shared it with all of us? The kid knew that he would probably get only a bite of his own tiffin and he still took the chance.


Knowingly or unknowingly you sacrificed your Maggi for an eternal bond of class unity and gave us memories and traditions we’ll always cherish. 


Now that I’m a grown-up who goes to office, I wish I still had somebody who got Maggi in their tiffins and cheered me up.