A nifty Ahmedabad businessman, Bharat Bhatt, has taken the Indian dining experience to a whole other high – or should I say a whole other depth! Introducing, Posiedon, India’s first underwater restaurant, now open for business in the city of Ahmedabad, as reported by CNN-IBN.

This 32-seater dining sensation has been created 20 feet below ground level and is surrounded by an aquarium containing 1,60,000 litres of water which has around 4,000 different species of fish swimming in it for the diners to marvel at.

Those that choose this aesthetically regal dining experience, will have their choice of cuisines among Thai, Mexican and Indian – though the restaurant will only serve vegetarian food.

Well, the meat-lovers will just have to wait, I suppose. But, meat or no meat, this truly is an experience worth trying! Raise your glasses, y’all, to the incredible Posiedon!