Didn’t see that coming, did you. We finally know what’s in the fountain of youth. It’s ama-Gin.

You probably thought it was too good to be true. But you were wrong.With the greatest joy, we present to you ‘Anti-aGin’.


According to the industry that brought you commercialization of insecurities, collagen is a protein in our bodies which is responsible for the firmness of our skin. The fact is, however, that as we grow older our skin begins to lose collagen, which is responsible for wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

This gin which is manufactured by Bompas and Parr claims to fight the eventual loss of collagen on our slow march towards death. How? Why, through the infusion of ingestible collagen and age-defying botanicals of course!


Whether or not it actually works, well we leave that to you to figure that out. It’s available for £34.99 at drinkingsupermarket.com

If it does, enjoy your alcohol-infused youthful skin while you look for a liver donor.