So I was enjoying my usual Saturday afternoon until I realised there was matar pulao for lunch. 

Archana’s Kitchen

I couldn’t even bare to look at those green dehydrated balls of disappointment staring at me. 


And that’s when I realised “winter is here” because nothing says winter like matar trying to ruin each and every single meal. 


I mean why do people even like matar? First of all, it takes so much of effort just to peel them, second of all they’re tasteless and they suck. 


I mean TBH, matar even looks disgusting, like a rat with stomach infection took a green dump after eating a lot of spinach. 

And its faeces was aged for a while and that’s probably how matar was invented. 

Favorite Family Recipe

Let me just say this out loud, matar in anything is like elaichi in Biryani. It’s disgusting and everybody shoves it in the corner of their plates. 

Eat Treat

Brace yourselves folks, it is finally that time of the year when matar will make a guest appearance in EVERYTHING you wish to eat. It’ll also try to be the dhaniya of winters. 


Like what even is it with matar and winters? All of a sudden everything has matar in it, like why is it trying to be the Vodka of cocktails? 

Matar really needs to learn how to stay in its league, like it needs to realise that it’s not as versatile as Vodka and nobody loves it as much as Vodka. 

Love To Know

I mean just think about it, your OG aloo jeera will have disgusting green balls of matar in it. 


And obviously, now that winter is here, matar will not leave my rice alone.  

Whisk Affair

Ew, and your keema will have these stupid green chunks of dissapointement. 

Easy Cooking With Molly

And your Shahi Paneer will demote to Matar-Paneer for the rest of the winter season. 


And if that was not enough, matar will do everything in its power to try to ruin your comforting bowl of Maggi.

Toothy Tray

What’s next? Matar in my kheer? 

Oh wait I just googled it and apparently “matar ki kheer” is a verified dish. 

Better Butter

It’s offcical I’ve seen everything, I don’t want wish to live anymore. 


And dude, I wish the person who came up with “frozen peas” chokes on a matar and dies. 

Like if there’s anything worse than matar, it’s frozen peas. 

Martha Stewart

You know, now that I think, maybe matar is just a weapon every Indian mom uses to keep their kids from having carbs. 


Because no kid in their sane mind will ever willingly eat matar without an incentive. 

Like for those of you who’ve watched Shinchan, I hate matar as much as he hated shimlamirch. 


I think we’ve established that there’s a reason why pea is a homonym of pee and it’s like its not a coincidence.