Now there are some who cry only over spilt whisky – they are the ones who believe in living life drunk and are always found in an alcohol-abundant zone somehow. For those juicehead friends we have, what can be a better gift than something that’s inspired by alcohol itself?

Even if there’s wisdom in booze, it makes for a gift that’s shortlived. So we have thought of some gift ideas that can help your boozehound loved ones drink better or make drinking look cooler. 

1. Wine Bottle Glass

2. Candy Drinking Straws

3. Disposable Flask

Source: Bustle

4. Chemist’s Cocktail Kit

5. Wheel of Shots Game

6. Naturally Infused Vodka Maker

7. Bracelet Flask

8. Bathtub Wine Holder

9. Make Your Own Whisky Kit

Source: popsugar

10. Floating Drink Guard