For all those who like their food a little strange and bizarre, this one is for you. Get over pus-oozing pimple cupcakes because we have for you something even more special.

The belching buns. Yes, sweet buns oozing out stickly yummy treats. While it may sound unappetising, these barfs are made of chocolate and other pretty yummy treats. Once you are done squeezing them, you can actually relish these delicious sweet buns.


This ingenious idea is the brainchild of a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong that is giving a rather visceral twist to traditional custard buns. These buns have eyes and faces so you can poke them in weird places and get that tasty gooey stuff out.  And now other restaurants too are trying this bizarre food trend.



And these buns don’t just barf. They poop too. 

Wonder why a restaurant would have such a weird twist to their menu? 

The restaurant told the Insider,

“We wanted to modernize the presentation of Chinese dim sum to ignite people’s visual senses and attract younger generation to dine out with their grannies.”


And customers seem to be enjoying poking and prodding these buns and make them barf, a lot.

So for all those ‘let’s Instagram this before eating’ kind, book a ticket to Hong Kong and relish these spewing buns now.