Well who doesn’t feel (a little) guilty about those calories after chugging a bottle of beer? Only those who never get fat no matter how much food they chow down. But if you do not belong to that (lucky as hell) club, and have to worry about hitting the treadmill to burn all the calories a bottle of beer can slap you with, your prayers have (FINALLY) been answered.

MuscleFood, a UK site selling sports nutrition products, is selling a high-protein, low-cal, gluten-free beer. 

That sounds like a string of magic words right there!

According to the company website, Barbell Brew, an U.K. exclusive for now, is a wheat beer (3.6 percent alcohol), that “has notes of tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose – assertive, resinous hops, biscuit malt flavourf and an aggressive, dry and satisfying hoppy finish.” 

Providing the same protein as three extra-large egg whites would, without comprimising on the (here’s the important part) taste, you can chug it like you would chug a protein shake. 

A bottle of beer has fewer calories and carbs than even the lightest beers on the market. 

Go ahead, down them beer bottles without any worry!

Well, a beer that can help you get six pack abs – we sure are looking forward to it!