Summer is here and nothing beats the sweaty weather than a tall, chilled glass of beer. If we could have it our way, we’d chug a glass every evening with our friends to cool off. Couple that up with some biryani and life would seem complete.

What would be even better is free beer to go along. 

And well, Beeryani has made an offer that you just cannot refuse.


Order a Kingfisher tower at the SDA restaurant and if you can chug down the brew in under 15 minutes, you get rewarded with another tower for free!

And they’ve made this chugging challenge as easy as possible. You can take the help of your fellow beer friends to finish it all up.

Happiness On My Plate

Sounds unreal? Visit Beeryani in SDA any day between Monday to Thursday from 12 PM to 5 PM to see it for yourself!

The question is are you ready for the challenge?