In another episode of how Indians don’t shy away from trying out bizzare food combinations, we have a Bengaluru restaurant serving idli on an ice cream stick.

Yes, three idlis on sticks are arranged on a platter, with one dipped in a bowl of sambar. There’s also the traditional coconut chutney on the side. We don’t know what to think about it. 

Ever since the upload, the post has gone viral with various reactions from all over. Some folks are unsure if they are eating idli or kulfi with sambhar or chutney. 

While some are also appreciative of this creativity. 

Innovations really attract people. Since the dish did not come with a disclaimer of “don’t try this at home”, people have started preparing it in their households.

Reddit user shared that her grandpa sent sent the OG picture on their family group on WhatsApp and asked her mom to give it a try. She made normal idlis, stuck them into some popsicle sticks, and cut off the excess idli.


The Reddit user describes her experience of having these innovative idlis as ‘quite nice’. 

This is what Redditors think about this. 

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