In association with Bisleri

There is no greater feeling for an Olympian than standing on the podium at the Olympics while the Indian National Anthem is being played. But often, we don’t see the years of training it takes to be ready to participate in the Olympics; The sacrifices they make to train every day with a single-minded focus regardless of their injuries or breakdowns. It is the motivation that is needed to keep them going at it. 

 Which is why we were so excited to see our national heroes being featured in Bisleri’s new #CarryYourGame campaign film! 

The film celebrates the incredible achievements of boxing superstar Lovlina Borgohain who has not just won every sports medal there is to win in India but also the Bronze at the 2020 Olympic games. The campaign film also includes hockey legend Manpreet Singh who too made India proud by winning Bronze at the 2020 Olympic games. Ace Badminton Icon Ashwini Ponnapa whose 16-year medal-laden career inspires us all, and Paralympic Silver Medalist Nishad Kumar who overcame every obstacle to become one of our greatest athletes, are part of the film. The campaign film showcases how they carry the game with them on and off the field, making our hearts swell with pride. 

One of the key aspects for these legends to make a mark for themselves and the country in the global arena is staying hydrated. Hydration helps them in their peak human performance, whether during training sessions, match days or off the field. Being hydrated and fit allows them to carry their game. And this is exactly where Bisleri comes in by positioning their 500ml bottle as the ultimate hydration partner. It encourages us to stay hydrated, be it on or off the field, and to #CarryYourGame. Something we’re all guilty of not doing *reaching for water*. 

So if you love these Olympic legends, then watch Bisleri’s #CarryYourGame film while sipping on a bottle of water.