While trying to pull off the perfect murder, this Telangana couple must never have thought that a bowl of mutton soup would land them in a soup!

According to NDTV, the woman, M. Swati, conspired with her lover to kill her husband, Mr. Reddy. She even tried to pass her lover as her husband through plastic surgery.


M. Swati is a 27-year-old nurse at a private hospital in Nagarkurnool town, Telangana. She had been married to Sudhakar Reddy, 32, for three years and the couple had two children.

Rajesh, a physiotherapist and Swati allegedly drugged Mr. Reddy with anaesthesia and when he fell unconscious, hit him on his head, killing him. Following that, they burnt the body in the forest.


To steer clear of all suspicion, Swati poured acid over Rajesh’s face and told her family that Mr. Reddy had been attacked by unknown people. The plan was to get Rajesh a plastic surgery so that he looked like her husband and then would also behave like him.


All was going well for the duo, as Rajesh was being treated in the hospital. However, things went south as the relative’s grew suspicious on Rajesh’s refusal to have mutton soup served to patients with burn injuries. 

Swati’s husband, Mr. Reddy was a non-vegetarian and thus they were shocked to learn that Rajesh had told the hospital staff that he was a vegetarian.


Following this, the family observed differences in Rajesh’s behaviour and inability to identify relatives. Rajesh even stopped speaking and started communicating with signs.

Seeing all this, Mr Reddy’s family alerted the police. Upon interrogation, Swati confessed to killing her husband with Rajesh’s help.


Swati was arrested on Sunday and Rajesh will be arrested after he is released from the hospital. 

She told the police that she was inspired by the Telugu movie, Yevadu. In the movie, a female doctor operates the face of her son on an injured young man.

Who knew mutton soup could solve a murder mystery?