My last vacation was almost six months ago. My girlfriends and I decided to travel all the way from New Delhi to Phuket for a friend’s bachelorette party and what a party it was!

We had a lot of things to look forward to on this trip; the parties, the booze, the beaches and the never-ending shopping.

But if I have to really choose my favourite part of the whole trip, it would be the breakfast buffet from the hotel we were staying at.

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I don’t know about you, but breakfast buffets are a huge turn on for me. I mean, how can it not be? From the fresh fruit juices to the perfectly warmed baked goods, everything is worth drooling over.

The only moment of conflict I face when at a breakfast buffet is either I find the plate too small or I just don’t know where to begin. Everything looks so perfect and dreamy that there’s a part of me that wants to live here forever.

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Before any of you points out how someone can party all night and have the energy to wake up early just to eat breakfast, let me tell you it’s not just breakfast. It kinda becomes psychologically mandatory for you to not miss the breakfast buffet while staying at a hotel.


Yes, I am worn out from partying all night when I make it to the breakfast hall.

But of course, that feeling goes away as soon as I cross paths with the freshly baked croissants. THAT FRAGRANCE IS TO DIE FOR!


Okay, that got me a little too excited but now you entirely get what I’m talking about. Getting back to what I was saying — every morning I would drag my friends’ asses out of bed to the huge breakfast buffet arena. 

I can absolutely vouch for the fact that your hungover friends will only curse you for the initial few minutes. After they witness the beautiful breakfast spread, you’ll have a bunch of ‘thank yous’ coming your way.

And no, it’s not like in the movies where there’s a whole spread and the person just grabs like a strawberry or something and is on their way? Because that is impossible. It’s a sin to ignore breakfast items like that and I’m here to tell you why.

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I don’t know how the world goes about it but my first stop is always the meat section; ham, salami, sausages and the God of breakfast… bacon!

Then I go for the eggs; now this is where it gets confusing. Do I get a cheese omelette or scrambled? Or do I go for half-fry or straight-up boiled? It’s always a challenging task.

The beautiful thing about having so many options is that you can make a breakfast cocktail of your own and then cherish it at your own convenience.

The first part of the breakfast tour ends with some perfectly toasted bread with a glass of fresh juice to wash it all down. 

I think the concept of breakfast on its own doesn’t get the credit it deserves. They say eat breakfast like a king but we don’t really eat breakfast at all. It’s after all, the most important meal of the day.

And getting to experience it in such a lavish way is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you’re a culinary enthusiast, it’s even more of a treat for you. 


My second helping includes baked good and baked goods only. Nothing and I mean nothing, tastes as good as croissants and danish pastries fresh out of the oven. With several yoghurt flavours to choose from, a joyous breakfast isn’t over till you top it off with some freshly-brewed tea or coffee.

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Every day of that vacation began with my friends and I spending our maximum time at the breakfast buffet and let’s just say, we didn’t feel the need to eat lunch after that.

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When you have something as extravagant as a breakfast buffet to look forward to the next day, how can your whole day not be the best?

No matter how adventurous or exotic my holiday destination may be, the best part shall always remain the amazing breakfast buffet.