After its Big Whopper, if there’s one thing that Burger King is known for, then it is its advertisement. 

I mean, you can always depend on them to not only stand apart but also have the last say in a conversation.

But this time, Burger King has taken rather a different turn. Instead of going for their usual witty and hard-hitting ways, Burger King UK has appealed to its customers to lend a helping hand to its ‘sister chains.’

On Monday, Burger King UK in a post asked its customers to order food from its competitors including McDonald’s and other independent fast food outlets. 

From always shading its long time rival- Mcdonald’s to asking people to help them out, Burger King surely grabbed a lot of eyeballs. 

They did so to support other chains and outlets during the second lockdown imposed in the country.

Keeping in mind the restrictions coming their way from November 5, Burger King appealed to its customers to help out other sister chains by ordering from them. 

JOE RAEDLE | GETTY IMAGES/ Technology Review

The post till now has garnered over 117.5K like, 2K comments, and 42.4K retweets. 

Seeing the post, people couldn’t help but react to it. While some supported this gesture. 

A few were against it.