One month in 2021 feels like 7 years worth of events, news, and tweets. You blink and you’ve missed something either hella important, or hella ridiculous that’s happened in the world. 

So obviously to stay on top of things watching the news becomes essential. But with news coverage these days, we really can’t tell the difference between prime time news reporting or our parents watching their favorite soap opera at 8. 

That is why, in their latest video, Burger King while promoting their Whopper took a jibe at themselves and the current affairs around. 

A reporter talks about their Whopper with a seasoning of sensationalism mirroring the current state of affairs. Flinging around terms like plan, controversy, and sajish the video hilariously captures the actual state of affairs going on in the country and the world alike, leaving us with a familiar taste of what we witness daily in the name of news. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below! And while you’re at it don’t forget to munch on the Whopper. 

In association with Burger king india