In association with Cadbury ChocoBakes

This year has been a mystery to all of us. And there’s another one that just surfaced. Cadbury has gone missing. If you, like us, have grown up bingeing on every Cadbury product out there, you’re in for a shock yo!

There’s been an official statement by Dairy Milk, Silk and Gems all reporting that Cadbury has gone missing.

Don’t believe it? We have proof. 

There’s been a flood of speculation and comments on the internet while everyone is out there wondering what happened to Cadbury. 

It doesn’t stop there, even some of our favourite celebrities are pretty upset about losing their Cadbury. With all of them wondering #KahanGayiCadbury? 

Even Devam Baghel, a rather interesting man who holds the peculiar Asian record of collecting the maximum number of chocolate wrappers has lost all his Cadbury wrappers! Now losing a treasure like that has gotta hurt. 

Also, look at this strange sorcery. Here’s a before and after picture of the Cadbury Junction. Cadbury disappeared even from there. 

But that’s not where the story ends. There’s a twist in the tale. (thank God for that) Because there’s someone out there who claims that they know where Cadbury is.

Of course, we’re all super curious and we’re definitely going to the #SweetSecretParty. Don’t you too want to know #KahanGayiCadbury?