It is safe to say that most of us have been to a Cafe Coffee Day outlet at least once in our lives and that is particularly because their outlets are available in every possible place we have been to. 

“A lot can happen over coffee”, they said. Anything is possible over a cup of coffee, we believed. A lot did happen over coffee, but this time, it was not pleasant.

A recent video doing the rounds on the net, shows a lady staff member of one of the outlets in Jaipur, slapping a consumer, after he spotted cockroaches in their fridge. Apparently, Arpan Verma, a customer, found a breeding ground of cockroaches in the refrigerated counter and started recording it. The next thing he knows, one of the staff members threw a tight slap on his face. You gotta watch it to believe it. 

Nikhil Anand Singh, a friend of Verma’s, tweeted about the incident on his page. 

He also went on to tweet to CCD in the hope of finding a solution to this problem.

CCD has since released this statement on the matter,

The incident has been brought to our notice and has been escalated. Our corporate affairs team is in talks with the consumer and the internal café team to ascertain facts.

If what we see in the video is to be believed, then it definitely raises a big question mark, not only on the state of affairs of such outlets, but also on safety of consumers.