From aloo to paneer, paranthas are our favourite food. We Indians have a thing for them and no matter what, we can’t stop loving & eating paranthas.

Today I want to talk about the underrated hero of the parantha universe which we all love but forget to appreciate often- cheeni ka parantha.


For those who have never heard of it or never tried it, trust me you have not only missed out on a delicious dish but also sweet childhood memories.

Moreover, we can’t be friends if you do not know that cheeni vala parantha is a thing.

Growing up, it was my favourite form of parantha and it still is. And there are several reasons for it.

All those times when we didn’t like what our moms cooked for us, cheeni ka parantha came to our rescue. It is so wholesome in itself that it can be our breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or even all three of them.

Cheeni ka parantha gains more significance during rainy days. It feels like heaven eating hot and crisp parantha while it rains.

If you are one of those who have questions as to how it is made, it’s like any other parantha with sugar stuffed in it. And yeah, not to forget the ghee used to cook it.

I particularly enjoy eating it standalone, but there are people who top it with malai and rabri, making it the best sweet dish ever. Some people even enjoy eating cheeni ka parantha with aam ka achaar.

For many of us, cheeni parantha has been a saviour on several occassions.

It satiated my sugar cravings when I was in hostel, living away from home. With no money to buy mithai, I made myself a crisp cheeni parantha and the day was sorted.

Tbh, who even needs a mithai when you have cheeni ka parantha in your meal. 

And the sense of accomplishment that we got after making cheeni vala parantha is inexplicable. Yes, you need to be good enough to cook that parantha without burning it.

food robbery

No matter how bad your mood is, cheeni ka parantha can always make things better.

Breakup hua? Have cheeni ka parantha.

Boss ne daanta? Have cheeni ka parantha.

Exams ka stress hai? Have cheeni ka parantha.


Some days all you need is a cheeni ka parantha to fulfill your cravings and satisfy your souls.