The McDonald’s McFlurry is an institution in itself – it’s the coming together of ice-cream and Oreos, which is understandably a match made in diabetes heaven. But as we move into the future, newer variations of the dessert have been making their way out of Ronald’s Factory, and one of them is blowing minds (and palates).  

This guy discovered that McDonald’s has a chocolate brownie McFlurry and people are frothing at the lips. He wants it, Twitter wants it, and dammit, I want one too.

Side note – this dish isn’t actually from McDonald’s Japan.

The new, delectable combination is the offspring of a collaboration between London-based womenswear label APUJAN and McDonald’s Taiwan. The exclusive McFlurry is named ‘Coco Brownie’ and looks like a dream come true.

Understandably, everyone now wants a bite of this chocolatey goodness. 

I suppose one could get brownies separately and add them to a regular McFlurry, but where’s the fun in that?