Dear Chocolate Cake, 

How’s it going? I know it’s been a long time since our last tryst, but trust me you have been on my mind a lot, of late. More than Hugh Jackman, and THAT is saying something. 

You see, I have been having a rough time in life. Idiots on the metro, editor screaming at me for messing up my apostrophes, Tinder woes. Usual stuff.


But I also know that my sorrows are as old as the time it takes for us to meet again. Because my slice of chocolate cake, you are all it takes to brighten my days, nights, noons, and eves. When I am devouring you slow and easy, the world is a better place, a happier place.

And I know this is not just me, I know that I share my love for you with pretty much everybody out there. And that’s okay. You are so good, it is hardly fair to have you all to myself.

A slice of you, a bite of you, and it doesn’t matter that my crush in the office didn’t speak to me for more than 20 minutes, or that the weird guy in the metro was rubbing his shoulder against me (don’t even ask), or that dear mother was kind enough to remind me again how all the cousins are getting married and here I was planning my life around the next season of GoT. 


Because when I am having you, it is like I am not even in this world anymore. A little heat, and you go melting, and I go melting at the sight of all the chocolate, rolling slowly off your back only to become one with the soft chunk of cake. In that moment, I live solely for you. My entire being is centered on that perfect bite that I scoop out, the right amount of cake with the right amount of chocolate coming together to say, “I am here now, I am all yours and I’ll make everything fine”.

And when I finally eat you, it is an ecstasy. I can try to describe it, but will fail miserably. 


The study which says that chocolate is better than sex just does not cut it. You, dear chocolate cake, might just be better. So much better. Always there for us when we need you, not making us wait for your calls or texts. You live for our happiness, our pleasure. Selflessly.

And when I have you with coffee. Holy. Mother. Of. God. 

Therefore, with all my heart and soul, I say: thank you. For all the nights you were there to complete my days, my life, and me. Thank you, for being the one I can’t wait to go home to. For making me forget my sorrow with your sweet, intoxicating tenderness.

And to all the chefs out there who live to bring us this happiness, we love you.

Yours Eternally.


PS: For those of you wondering where I met this love of my life, here are a few places you can try:

1. Brown Sugar, GK I

2. Angels Basket, Amar Colony

3. Defence Bakery, Defence Colony

4. Big Chill, Khan Market


5. Whipped, GK II

6. Maison Des Desserts, HKV

7. Theos, Sangam Courtyard & Noida

8. Theobroma, Cyber Hub


9.  Choko La, Khan Market 

10. Elma’s, HKV

11. The Artful Baker, Khan Market

12. The Chocolate Room, Malviya Nagar


 Go get some!