As the entire world is celebrating ‘White Chocolate Day’ today, let me just put some facts out there. WHITE CHOCOLATE IS AN OXYMORON, WHITE CHOCOLATE IS NOT CHOCOLATE.

It doesn’t look like chocolate. It doesn’t smell like chocolate. It definitely doesn’t taste like chocolate. So why the hell is it classified as a chocolate?  


Here’s a fun fact for all you white chocolate lovers out there, it is actually NOT even considered as chocolate because it lacks cocoa. IT IS LITERALLY JUST SOLIDIFIED MILK CUBES. 


It’s like somebody forgot to put chai patti (tea leaves) in your chai and you’re just drinking warm-sugared milk.

Like somebody forgot to put masala in your Maggi and you’re having bland, boiled noodles. 

Like somebody forgot to put cocoa in your ‘chocolate’. 


It is disgusting, right? When you take out key ingredients from classic, comfort food. 

Also if I wanted my chocolate to taste like dhoodh wouldn’t I just grab a glass of milk instead? Because what’s the goddamn difference.

We Hear It

I mean you don’t even have to do the effort to go to a store and get white chocolates, you can make it at home with butter, milk, and sugar.


But then again why do you want to put in so much of an effort when you can just suck onto powder milk pouches, instead? 

India Mart

TBH, white chocolate just exists in the chocolate family because of REPRESENTATION.

I think I hate white chocolates as much as I hate elaichi in my biryani.