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Thanks to the unprecedented lockdown due to COVID-19, we’ve all been trapped in our homes. Some of us are learning how to knit, others are learning how to paint. And some of us are living our dreams and finally turning into chefs. The lockdown has given us the time and the inspiration to finally learn how to cook our favourite dishes. 

But somehow, people who love Desi Chinese feel like they can’t make their beloved dishes at home as they are too complex. Phoooey! You can make some amazing Desi Chinese dishes in super simple steps. Don’t believe me? Here are 6 amazing 30-second recipes that you can try easily at home. 

1. Schezwan Fried Rice

Everyone knows that the best use of any leftover rice is to turn it into fried rice. 

2. Chicken Chilli

The perfect Desi Chinese chakana

3. Veg Chowmein

Eating veg chowmein from a paper plate brings back so many beautiful school memories. 

4. Gobi Manchurian

The one dish all vegetarian families order when they go to a “Chinese” restaurant. 

5. Paneer Chilli

Chicken Chilli ka sansakaari bhai

6. Chicken 65

Although this dish originated in the restaurants of South India, it quickly became one of the staples of Desi Chinese menus. 

So there you have it — 30-second recipes of your favourite Desi Chinese dishes, made super simple and easy to cook thanks to the wonderful offerings from Ching’s! Next time you feel like you want to try some chowmein or manchurian, just pick up some Ching’s Secret Masalas, and become the next Chef Harpal Singh!