The lockdown has changed our lifestyle completely. We used to hog street food, but now all we eat is healthy ghar ka khaana. Panipuri waale bhaiya, we miss you!  

Oh well, since he’s unavailable, why not try and make some street food at home?! Shall we?  

01. Pakode  

Tarla Dalal

No matter the season, pyaz ke pakode can never not be fun to eat. Find the recipe here.   

02. Jhalmuri  

Whisk Affair

You can make a delicious bong food connection with this street food. Find the recipe here.   

03. Panipuri  

Archana’s Kitchen

This has to be the one we miss the most! Preparing this is a family affair, but do try it. Find the recipe here.   

04. Vada Pav  

Cook With Manali

You can whip up this Mumbai street delicacy very quickly. Find the recipe here.   

05. Papri Chaat  

The Spruce Eats

Muh me paani aa gaya na? Find the recipe here.  

06. Aloo Tikki Chaat  

Whisk Affair

There is always room for chaat. Find the recipe here.   

07. Momos  

Archana’s Kitchen

We miss momos and so do you. Find the recipe here.   

08. Chhole Bhature  

The Statesman

Chhole Bhature is a mood. Find the recipe here.   

09. Samosa  

Cubes n Juliennes

What diet-shiet! Make some samosa with meethi and teekhi chutney. Find the recipe here.   

10. Pav Bhaaji  

Times of India

A wise man once said, don’t khao bhao, make some Bhaaji and pav. Find the recipe here.   

11. Street Noodles  

Archana’s Kitchen

Craving for some chindian noodles? Don’t order, make some at home. Find the recipe here.  

Hungry Kya?