The pandemic has just been one trend after another, as people spend more time with their phones. After viral trends like Dalgona coffee, banana bread and whatnot, we now have a healthier food trend on the rise. 

Proffee, a combination of protein shake and coffee has become the internet’s latest obsession. 

Fitness enthusiasts from all over the world are hopping on to the trend as it promises a healthier alternative to coffee and keeps you full for a longer period of time. And for some, the alleged incentive is weight loss. 

Some protein shake brands have already realised that there is a huge market for such coffee and launched their own premixed ‘protein coffee’ shakes.

Making this iced coffee from scratch is quite simple to be honest, just take a few shots of espresso, some milk (optional), protein shake and water, mixed in well with cubes of ice. Many brands offer protein milk, which seems like an easier alternative. 

Do you think you’d give this coffee a chance?