Certain food combinations don’t gel well with each other. They tend to make you sick and can potentially harm your digestive system. 

Here are some of the worst food combinations that you should avoid at all costs if you don’t want to fall sick. 

1. Bananas and milk 

This combination is very difficult to digest as both, bananas and milk are heavy. This combo creates heaviness in the body and slows down the mind. 


2. Mint and aerated drinks

Never consume aerated drinks after having mint as it can form cyanide in your stomach (one of the deadliest poisons) when combined in the right proportions. 

3. Raw meat and uncooked eggs

In case you didn’t know, raw meat and uncooked eggs contain salmonella bacteria which can cause gastroenteritis in humans. It can also lead to salmonella poisoning that can lead to serious complications for people with weaker immune systems. So, cook your meat and eggs well before consumption. 


4. Potato chips and fried chicken 

The digestive processes for potato chips and fried chicken are entirely different. While the protein is digested in the stomach, starch is digested in the small intestine. But, when we combine the two foods, the protein that is digested can retain starch in the stomach thereby turning the food toxic.

5. Tomato soup and grilled cheese 

Dairy-based cheese and acid found in tomato soup can give you a bad stomach. This combo is also difficult to digest so it’s not wise to consume them together. 


6. Yogurt and fruit

When yogurt comes in contact with acidic fruit, it diminishes digestive fibers and produces toxins. It can also lead to cold allergies.

7. Bacon and eggs 

This might come as a surprise but this food combination can mess with your digestive system as both, bacon and eggs have high concentration of proteins which takes time to break down. Try eating one of these items with fruits or vegetables to avoid complications. 

8. Beans and cheese 

Beans and cheese sound like a heavenly combination but, it can lead to gas, bloating and other digestive issues. The best thing to do is, avoid mixing diary products with beans. 

9. Steaks and prawns 

The combination of steaks and prawns can make you very sick. Why, you ask? Well, combining two protein rich foods can put a burden on your digestive system. It can lead to bloating and food poisoning so, avoid consuming both food items together if you don’t want a bad stomach. 

10. Tomatoes and pasta

Yes, you read that right! Pasta contains a lot of carbs. And the acid juice in tomatoes make it almost impossible for your stomach to digest it which is why, one ends up with an upset stomach. 

11. Burger and fries 

The amount of trans fat present in burgers and fries add to your weight tremendously. It can also lead to cholesterol problems and other heart-related issues. Your whole life feels like a lie, doesn’t it?

12. Cereals and orange juice

This clichéd combo is considered as a wholesome breakfast but, it isn’t as good as it seems. The starch present in the cereal and the acid present in orange juice tend to make you sick.


13. Lemons and cough syrup

You may not know this but, lemon can block enzymes that are required to break down statins and other drugs, including the cough suppressant dextromethorphan. If statins aren’t broken down, the medicine can build up in the bloodstream and cause various side effects. 


14. Apple juice and allergy medicines 

Apple juice affects the absorption of the allergy medicine in the bloodstream and it hampers the effectiveness of the medicine by 70%. 

14. Pizza and soda

Pizza has a lot of carbs, proteins and starch that takes up a lot of your body’s energy to digest. And, the sugar in soda makes matters worse as it slows down the process of digestion. 


15. Nuts and olive oil

Fat present in olive oil and protein present in nuts don’t gel well. They hinder the process of digestion and it can make you sick.


16. Muffins and juice

The combination of muffins and juice gives rise to excess carbohydrates that increases your blood sugar levels but, it crashes soon after. 


It’s very important to combine the right kind of food to avoid falling sick.