If you’ve spent the last month in Delhi, you ain’t got it in you to deny that the summers are officially here and they’re here with a vengeance. And when the heat strikes with this ruthlessness, you’ve gotta fight back the only way you know how. Badass cocktails featuring even more badass desi ingredients.

Here are some intensely awesome cocktails with desi twists to make this summer your absolute bitch!

1. Rum Panna

You guessed it. Add a dash of white rum to the classic aam panna and you’ve got yourself a chiller that will long remain on your list of favourites. Check out the recipe here.

Fun Buzz Time

2. Jamun-tini

A martini featuring vodka and the black plum, or the jamun as we know it – the Jamun-tini – is a colourful explosion of fruity yumminess in your mouth. You’ll find the recipe here.

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3. Khus And Gin Sherbet

Bring it on, summer, we’re ready for you with our rehydrating elixir – khus sherbet. And with a splash of gin, this destroyer of heat also doubles up as a creator of good times. Recipe? Right here.

Beyond Curries

4. Chai White Russian

This drink is the Modi-meets-Trump-meets-Putin equivalent of a chill blast. Get it? Chai White Russian. LOL. But seriously, turn iced chai into a sexy vodka cocktail with this recipe right here.

Hey Modest Marce

5. Vodka Shikanji

This lemony, minty refresher may have come into your life thanks to grandma, but it shall get awesomer thanks to us. Add a little vodka to this icy and spicy treat and your cocktail game will never be the same. Find out here exactly how.

Om Namah Shivaya

6. Rooh Afza Cosmo

Take the classic Cosmopolitan we all love, replace the cranberry juice with a dash of desi. The rosy flavour of Rooh Afza with a hint of citrus and a little bit of vodka is the perfect summer cocktail. Here‘s the recipe. Don’t wait another minute.

The Spice Adventures

7. Banarasi Paan Mojito

The mojito has mint leaves in it, yes? Well, what would happen if you put paan leaves in there instead? Awesomeness, that’s what. It’s a meetha paan and white rum in a chilled glass, people. What’s not to love? Learn how to make it right here

So Delhi

8. Jal-Vodka-Jeera

The jaljeera’s chatpate flavours will literally never get old. But wait till that roasted jeera is joined by a little vodka in there, and you may see the world differently… but that could just be the vodka too. Learn here how to make one and find out.

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9. Sharabi Lassi

Go full Punjabi by adding some rum and Bailey’s Irish creme to your favourite flavoured lassi and the brutal summer will be your bitch. The complete recipe is waiting for you right here.

Cook Click And Devour

10. Corrito

India’s favourite cold drink – Thums Up, some white rum, a little lime, chaat masala and coriander leaves. That’s a combination not many will dare say no to. Make it today with this badass recipe here.

Tarla Dalal

11. High Rasam

Rasam has to be one of Southern India’s yummiest gifts to the rest of the world. Add to a glass of chilled rasam, some vodka and some roasted jeera and you’re all set to beat the heat, Thalaiva-style. We’ve got the recipe for you here.

Hungry Forever

12. Imli Tequila Shots

What if the tequila shots that get every party started came with the jhatka of tamarind? Yep, you better believe it. These chatpate shots exist and you can learn how to make ’em right here.

Sweet Life Bake

Aaaaaand you are now fully equipped to face this crazy heat. Tell us in the comments if you know of more cool Indian cocktail recipes.