As kids, we learned to eat our food with hands. I still remember licking my fingers after finishing that yummy plate of dal chawal.


But then we grew up. And as we grew, we were introduced to some tools – fork and spoon. I call them tools because while they made me sophisticated, they never gave me the joy of eating my food.


We Indians enjoy our food truly when we eat it with hands. Nothing can be better than eating homemade dal chawal with hands, or using our fingers to finish off the last traces of khichdi from our plates.

No matter how sophisticated we become, if we want to achieve that tastebud orgasm, we resort to eating our food with hands.

Because this is how its tastes the best. 

Because this is how it is supposed to be eaten.

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The one thing that gives me comfort after a long day at work is returning home, sitting on the floor and eating my food with hands while watching my favourite movie. I mean it feels so right. 

On my recent visit to a South Indian restaurant, I saw a couple eating their dosa with fork, knife and spoon. Mera humanity se vishvaas uth gaya yaar.


I’ve no problem with people who choose spoon and fork for eating their food, but for me eating with hands is what connects me to my food. You feel every bite of your meal as you hold your food in hands and put it in your mouths.

Some people say eating your food with hands makes it messy. Trust me, if it’s not messy, it’s not tasty.

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It’s true that there are certain occasions and places where we have to eat our food using forks and spoons, but a true Indian heart will always crave for eating it with hands. 

Because it’s our thing. Because this is how we love and feel our food.

Eating with hands is not just a part of our culture, it’s a feeling. Could anything be more natural than this? And people who call it uncivilised, let me tell you, the practice is not as easy as it may look. There is in fact a skill to it and manners to follow.

Scientists also back this practice as many studies have revealed the innumerable health benefits of eating with hands. 


Every time I go out to eat and use fork and spoon, a part of me cries, “shuru ho ja haath se”. Doesn’t every desi heart want this?