Unless you've entered your quarantine hibernation without an internet connection, you'd know that #DalgonaCoffee has been trending on every social media platform. As if it's an immunity booster or a magic elixir that will save us from this horrid pandemic. 

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If you're sick of looking at mouthwatering and aesthetically pleasing pictures of this two-layered drink with a creamy topping of whipped coffee over plain milk everywhere, and still fail to understand what the hype is about, join the club.  

Apparently Dalgona coffee is a very easy South Korean cold coffee trend where you make DIY whipped coffee cream and layer it on top of ice-cold milk. You only need easily accessible ingredients like instant coffee, sugar, water and milk. 

All you have to do to make the whipped coffee is, take equal portions of instant coffee, sugar and water into a bowl, whisk and beat it with a fork or an electric mixer till it's fluffy and frothy. 

Pro Tip: You can also transfer the mixture in a tumbler or a bottle and shake it vigorously till you get your whipped coffee ( trust me, it's way easier). 

And once you're done making your whipped coffee, all you have to do is top it up in a glass of chilled milk.  

Now for every desi kid out there who's wondering if this is the recipe of a desi pheti coffee, that we have grown up sipping, yes it is. The only difference is, you pour the beaten coffee over cold milk instead of a cup of garaam doodh. 

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Over the weekend, I succumbed to the social media pressure and tried making a tall glass of this visually appealing, "easy to make" cold coffee which has suddenly become the world's favourite quarantine drink. 

TBH, it tasted exactly like the cold coffee that's made in every desi household. I am not kidding you when I say this, there was literally no difference. 

Like it's a nice, quick workout for your forearms and all but your mixer will give you the same, frothy cold coffee. It's just twice the work for something you've grown up drinking. 

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Also just to be clear, Indians have been whisking and beating their coffee way before it was a viral trend. Don't trust me? Ask your grama or your mum about pheti coffee and they'll give you the exact same recipe. 

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These desi Netizens reacting to the #DalgonaCoffee trend is literally everything I wish to say: 

Well, let us know what you think about this homegrown viral trend in the comments section below.