If there is one word that stands testimony to my weak will power, horrible determination and bad decision making, it is well-hidden in the word ‘dieting’. Anyone who tried to follow a diet routine or went off sugar at some point in their life would know that food haunts and how.

But we cannot overlook the risk of diseases old age and extra weight brings with it. While most diet-regimes require an extremely military level of commitment, researchers have come up with a diet-regime which allows you to eat whatever you want to, cuts down risks of weight-related diseases and keeps you healthy. Welcome to the world of Fast Mimicking Diet. 

The main researcher behind the fast mimicking diet, Valter Longo, owns a patent on the FMD (published January 2015) and a company which has designed a comprehensive packaged FMD dietary product ProLon

The Fast Mimicking Diet involves five days of limited caloric intake each month.

 That’s it. Five days, and things are sorted for you!

Let us break it down for the nutrition geeks and diet enthusiasts. 

The regime requires 100% adherence. I mean, obviously.

“The best preparation is to gradually ease into the five-day plan. It is far easier to eat smaller meals in the run-up and cut out snacking and caffeinated drinks (which also come with high calories) altogether, over a period of days before the regime begins, than to suddenly and extremely change your food intake.

On paper, the first day should be the easiest, with meals containing 1,090 calories (10% protein, 56% fat, 34% carbohydrates. That’s more than the four remaining days, which only have 725 calories (9% protein, 44% fat, 47% carb),” a report in Quartz wrote. 

Here’s your chart:

After four days of successful fasting, I mean who wouldn’t want to make up for all the treats that went uneaten – by splurging on fatty foods or going bonkers overeating. 

But make sure to go back to eating gradually and steadily after your four days of dieting.

It not only helps you reduce extra weight but promotes multi-system regeneration, enhanced cognitive performance and health span, reduces cancer-related and diabetes-related risk and most importantly, lets you live a happy life!

Boost some good cholesterol and lead a healthy life while slaying some fat, frying and burning them calories, and brushing bad calories off your system with this regime.