Just like people can’t get over the fact that Xerox is the name of a brand and it doesn’t mean photocopy, most of us also believe that dim sums and momos are just different names of the same dish. Guess what? You’re kind of wrong because there’s more to it. Here’s the deal breaker – 

Momos can be called dim sums, but all dim sums cannot be called momos

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Here are the differences between the two –  

1. Dim sums are of Chinese origin while momos are Tibetan. 

Dim sums are small bite-sized portions of food which are offered as an accompaniment with tea in China. Meaning ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese, dim sums are merely enjoyed as light snacks and are not eaten to sate the appetite. In Tibet, momos are considered an unofficial national dish where they are served with hot and spicy chilli sauce.


2. While momos can be defined as steamed dumplings with stuffing inside, dim sums are not limited to that.

There are almost 2000 types of dim sums available in the food market, for example, chicken feet, lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice, congee, sweet items like egg tarts and custard buns etc. You might be surprised spring rolls are also a type of dim sum!


3. Momos are stuffed dumplings which are essentially made of wheat flour while dim sums can be made with any kind of starch.

Dim sums can be made with anything ranging from rice starch, potato starch or wheat starch.


4. Lastly, you will never see a dim sum stall by a roadside. It is more of a fine dining affair. However, it is not the same with momos. One can find a momo stall at any corner or a food court.


Mystery solved!