When it comes to food, the norm seems to be that brown is better, right? Well, think again. Turns out that is not the case with eggs.

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Or as they’re otherwise known, pre-birds or future birds.


We sat down to investigate the exact distinctions between white eggs and brown eggs and what we discovered blew our minds.

The biggest thing that separates brown and white eggs is this. Brown eggs are brown. White eggs are white.

All the same other than that. Just like people.


The rest is pretty much actually the same. Really. Mother promise.

The eggs are coloured differently because the hens laying them are either white hens or brown hens. And the reason brown eggs are sometimes slightly more expensive, it’s only because brown hens are bigger and their feed therefore costs more.

Williamette Egg

Brown eggs actually have the exact same shell thickness, yolk consistency, taste and nutritional value as white eggs.

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Hope you enjoyed this life-changing piece of information, suckers! Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

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