I’ve been in quarantine for two weeks now.  And since I’ve not overpaid for a coffee in these two weeks, I can feel my sanity slipping away. 

But with me holding onto my sanity for dear life, and coffee being an illusion for my productivity; I decided to take my productivity a notch higher by expanding my knowledge on God’s gift to humankind — coffee.  

So, here are different ways you can brew your coffee at home, and sip on the elixir of life. 

1. Cold Brew 


A cold brew is ideal for anyone who wants to wake up in a jiffy. It is smooth, with low acidity and a chocolatey after taste. All you have to do is let the coffee steep overnight in the fridge. Strain it anytime between 12 hours to 36 hours and voila! 

2. French Press 


The French Press is a piece of classic coffee equipment that will give you flawlessly, heavy-bodied coffee. You’ll need, of course, a french press and a courser grind of coffee, while 5 minutes of brewing can make you up to 8 cups! 

3. Channi Coffee 

Blue Tokai

If you don’t want to morph into a coffee snob yet, by investing in coffee equipment, the channi coffee is the easiest and cheapest way. It is as simple as making a cup of tea. This method is particularly well suited for people who are looking to switch it up, but don’t want to commit. 

4. Moka Pot 

Roasty Coffee

If you want to make authentic coffee as the Italians did some 80 years ago, then the Moka Post is for you my friend. This little aesthetic looking cutie uses steam pressure from hot water to pass through the lower section of the pot that contains coffee grounds, giving you a concentrated dose of coffee. 

5. Espresso 


Now if you really want to be that person and own an espresso machine, go for it. Espresso is the foundation of coffee serving as a base for all your coffees! From lattes, to cappuccinos, to Americanos and cortados. 

6. Pourover 


It’s a fun way to experiment with different varieties of coffee beans making a mean magnificent cup. I love the fact that it can brew multiple cups at a time as well! Pour overs are also great for making iced coffee. Simply replace half of the brewing water with ice in the bottom vessel. 

7. Aeropress

Easy to use, easier to clean and easiest to carry around. Due to the high intensity of pressure, it may sometimes take less than 2 minutes to brew. Not to forget that the resulting brew is super delicious!

Happy brewing!