We all love to try new cuisines and recipes, but there is an unsaid rule about not making any changes to some classic foods. But there are people out there who get their kicks by ruining these classics for us.  

Here are 12 food combos that should be considered blasphemy:

01. Idli in Chai  

Sambhar will curse the chef  

02. Chicken Tikka in chai  

That is a crime against human_e_tea  

03. Nutella on Biryani  

How dare you, you namurad!  

04. Gulab Jamun Pizza  

This is blasphemy!

05. Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi  

Where is Thanos when we need him?  

06. Makke ki Roti with Maggi  

I am sorry Maggi, I am sorry Makke di Roti!  

07. Kaju Katli with ketchup  

This isn’t Kaju Katli, ye kaju ka qatl hai!  

08. Kurkure Milkshake  

Excuse me, I have to vomit.  

09. Meethi Maggi  

Why didn’t she use sevayi instead of Maggi?

10. Waffles with Ketchup  

Why God why?  

11. Choco Cherry Dosa  

Time to leave the planet.  

12. Santra Maggi  

Why so much hatred for Maggi?  

No punishment is enough for these crimes