Now that you are channelling your inner-MasterChef due to the lockdown, it’s possible that you’re not getting the proportions all that right & cooking more than you need. If you are feeding the strays, we salute you. But if you are eating the same food, add some pizzaz to your leftovers na.  

You can try these recipes with your leftovers & up your kitchen skills:

01. Vegetable Fried Rice  

Made from- Leftover rice  

The Spruce Eats

All you need is some veggies and you can savour some fried rice. Find the recipe here.   

02. Curd Rice  

Made from- Leftover rice  

Times of India

Any day is a South Indian Cuisine Day. Find the recipe here.  

03. Roti Upma  

Made from- Leftover roti  

Vinis Cookbook

If you can make roti, you are already a winner. With this recipe, surprise your mom some more. Find the recipe here.   

04. Chapaati Payasam  

Made from- Leftover roti  

Udupi Recipes

This is somewhat of a god sent if you have a sweet tooth. Find the recipe here.     

05. Spicy Tava Idli  

Made from- Leftover Idlis  

Rashmi’s Kitchen

Leftover Idlis have a very different taste than the fresh ones. Add some spices and treat your taste buds. Find the recipe here.     

06. Pasta Cheese Balls  

Made from- Leftover boiled Pasta  

Olivia’s Cuisine

If you are stuck with some leftover boiled pasta you can transform that into these yummy AF cheese balls. Find the recipe here.     

07. Stuffed Grilled Sandwiches  

Made from- Leftover sabzi  

Vegge Cravings

This easy-peasy recipe is a time saver with no compromise in taste. Find the recipe here.     

08. Vegetable Cutlet  

Made from- Leftover sabzi  


Bachi sabzi ka tastiest form! Find the recipe here.     

09. Dal Paratha  

Made from- Leftover dal  

Archana’s Kitchen

Leftover dal just sits idle in one corner of the fridge. Instead of throwing it away, use them as filling for some yummilicious parathas. Find the recipe here.     

10. Chicken Sandwich  

Made from- Leftover roasted chicken  

Watch What You Eat

There is always room for some chicken. Find the recipe here.     

11. Mutton Pulao  

Made from- Leftover mutton  

Afelias Kitchen

Some veggies, rice and mutton pieces. Viola! Find the recipe here.   

No more khana phenkna,

Leftovers se kuch naya pakana.