Kebabs are beautiful.

You can have them with rolls, you can have them as snacks, and the people of Mumbai and Bangalore can have them at ₹1. Just for a day though, but it’s something that does not deserve to be missed out on. 

Zu’s Doner, on the event of its one year anniversary, is making this benevolent offer, asking you to participate in their success. That’s right. People of Bangalore, head over Zu’s Doner on April the 14th, to either of the two outlets in the city and avail delicious Turkish doner kebabs at the cost of ₹1. 

On the land of dreams that’s Mumbai, they’ll make a debut on April the 20th, selling kebabs at the same rate, ₹1. Of course, you need to head over to the outlet and avail the offer. How many has it been that kebabs are offered at this brilliant rate?

Also, this wonderful offer is only available from 2:30 PM onwards.

To all those who won’t be a part of this wonderful deal, let’s have some papdi chaat at the nearest stall?