Are you guilty of going on frequent alcohol binge sessions that are just adding on extra kilos to your weight? What if I told you that you could satiate your alcohol desires without having to push extra calories down your throat? You’d probably think I’m crazy. But contrary to what you think, here are some low calorie alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy,”guilt and calorie free”!

Light beer 

One serving of light beer contains 110 calories as opposed to the regular variant which has 150 calories. 


Psst… light beer also gives that energy “kick”

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White and red wine

The calorie count comes out be 75-110 (depending on the level of sweetness). This can further be brought down, if you choose drier varieties!



A standard serving of champagne has just around 84 calories!

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Gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy, cognac and tequila all of them come in at around 65 calories. Just try not to add high sugar mixers!


Other ways to keep it “light”:

Drink on the rocks

Liquor with just ice, works the best! The absence of fizzy, sweetened mixers like cola, makes your drink less “calorie-laden”. 

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Choose lower calorie mixers like cranberry juice, orange juice, diet soda or tonic.

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Dilute your drinks!


Whatever you do, just ensure that you….

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