“Rum is a tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective.”

Brian D’Ambrosio

Rum is an incredibly versatile and affordable liquor that also doubles up as the perfect base spirit. This drink is cheap and inexpensive but it is certainly not boring if you blend it with cocktails. From piping hot winter cocktails to tall fruity drinks, just a hint of rum can make a huge difference so on the occasion of National Rum Day, here are 10 alcoholic beverages you can make with this liquor.

Piña Colada

The creamy blend of pineapple, coconut and rum makes everything taste better and bolder. It is the perfect concoction to make on a warm spring or summer day. You’ll definitely want to have another serving of this frosty, creamy cocktail.

2. Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Sweet-and-spicy dark rum, mixed with ginger beer and lime goes well with BBQ’s on sunny afternoons because the refreshing taste of this cocktail will hit you in all the right spots. This adult soda beverage is capable of creating a ‘storm’ in your head. Take my word for it.

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3. Cuba Libre

In case you are wondering, Cuba Libre is just a fancy name for your regular rum and coke combination. Just add lime juice to your rum and coke to add some extra zing to it and you are good to go. This delicious drink is insanely easy-to-make so give it a try.

4. Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri is basically a nutritious smoothie but you can add some rum (non-spicy) to it if you wish to give it a boozy twist. In short, this concoction tastes like a boozy popsicle that is refreshing and worth trying out, at least once.

5. El Presidente

This tropical cocktail might look fancy but it is actually quite simple to prepare. It is light and it has a delicate sweetness to it so all you need is, rum, orange curacoa and dry vermouth.

6. Cafe Caribbean

Give your average cup of coffee a boozy twist by adding some rum to it. Just add a shot of rum, half a shot of amaretto and a topping of whipped cream for the perfect blend.

7. Grand Rum Toddy

Rum is the base for this popular hot toddy that has a warm, comforting sweetness to it. The hint of orange liqueur and lime adds an extra zing to this hot beverage that has a soothing effect.

8. Dulce de Leche

Who knew that rum could also be used to create scrumptious dessert-worthy cocktails! Just combine a good dark chocolate liqueur with condensed milk and a pinch of cinnamon to prepare this cocktail in a jiffy and get ready to taste bliss.

9. Belladonna

Belladonna is a tall, fruity, exhilarating rum drink that is very refreshing and incredibly easy to make. For the ideal fruity mix, just add orange, cranberry and pineapple juices to it.

10. Gombo

If you like a vodka screwdriver, you’ll definitely dig this recipe that just takes 5 minutes to prepare. Lay back and enjoy the sweet, refreshing flavor of sparkling citrus that this tasty cocktail has to offer. 

11. Tropical Escape

This gorgeous cocktail is made with a combination of rum, grapefruit and edible flowers. Serve this at your next house party to impress your guests because they will surely fall in love with this concoction.

12. Raspberry Rum Mule

This alcoholic beverage is going to be a hit amongst your friends. The sweet taste of raspberry, mixed with the bitter taste of rum will awaken your senses and leave you feeling satisfied. Don’t trust me? Call your friends over and let them try out this recipe.

13. Spiked Blackberry Lemonade

Well, who doesn’t love a good spiked lemonade? The tanginess of citrus and the sweetness of blackberry, mixed with two shots of rum, balance each other out beautifully. Make it yourself to believe it.

14. Tortuga

Blend rum, cinnamon powder, orange juice and lemon juice together to create this marvelous concoction that will have a tantalizing effect on your senses.

15. Caribbean Coco

Want to feel like you are on a beach vacation? If yes, this Caribbean cocktail is the answer to your desires. All you have to do is mix rum, coconut milk-based yogurt, syrup and lime juice. Voila!

Which rum-based cocktail do you want to try?