My love for Parle-G is quite old.

It all started with those chai breaks, when my friends used to have Parle-G with tea and me not being a fan of chai was left alone.


Parle-G with water came to my rescue and soon I started liking it to an extent that I do this intentionally now.

Those who have tried this combination will agree with me when I say that there’s something about eating Parle-G with water that makes you want more of it.

This weird but amazing combination has come to the rescue of many hungry souls in hostels.

If you have not eaten Parle-G biscuits with water in your entire hostel life then I am sorry to judge but you haven’t had an intriguing hostel life.

To be honest, I don’t find anything wrong in having Parle-G with water. In fact, It has acted like a dessert for me many times.

The brand itself approves of this killer combination. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

And anyway eating Parle-G with tea and coffee is way too mainstream. 

Parle-G tastes great with tea, but it’s amazing with water. 

And I’m sure, agar Bunty kaali chai ki jagah Parle-G paani me dubo kar khaata to shayad uski life ekdum alag hoti. *winks*

Parle-G with water has been with me through thick and thin and will always remain one of my favourite food combinations.