Who the fuck puts ketchup on their pizza?

And if you are doing this, stop it right away. Because you are ruining pizza for everyone.


All this time we have been arguing whether pineapple on pizza should be a thing, but have you thought about having ketchup with pizza?


I have seen people in restaurants asking for ketchup even before their pizza arrives. Dude, what is wrong with your taste buds?

Pizza is supposed to have a combination of sauces on its base already and putting ketchup on the top of it is doing it more harm than good.

Toppings are surely one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a pizza. There are a lot of toppings on both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas that are worth savouring.


The hotness of jalapenos and sourness of olives is what people swoon over. 

All the meat used as toppings on pizza give a flavourful taste to it. Don’t believe me? There are studies to prove this.


And then when we eat it with ketchup, all these exquisite flavours are overpowered by one – tomato.

Pizza is known to have an original taste because of which we started eating it in the first place. You are robbing it of its originality by pouring ketchup all over.

It is believed that there are seven deadly sins, but for those who put ketchup on their pizza, there’s an eighth one too.

It is a legit crime and you are going to hell for it.

Itna hi shauk hai to bread pe ketchup laga ke kha lo na. Pizza ko kyu badnaam kar rahe ho?

To be honest, seeing people dipping pizza in ketchup makes me really uncomfortable. Like, what’s the need of tainting a delicious thing with ketchup?


Pizza with its traditional sauces in itself is great and a part of me dies every time I see someone ruin it with ketchup. 

I am not against ketchup, but this combination is just not right. There are a lot of other things that should be eaten with ketchup, woh khao na.

This guy took it quite literally.

Mazak tak theek hai, par pizza ke saath koi khilwaad nahi!