While we love to take stands on anything and everything in India, what makes the perfect biryani has still got the nation divided!

But it seems that not just in India, the ingredients of the same biryani have sparked a debate across the world too! 

Recently, stand-up comic, Jeremy McLellan, started a Twitter poll asking whether biryani is better with the humble aloo or without it:

The soft and delicious potatoes have been in equal parts hunted within Biryani and strategically picked out from it, or so the twitter users believe. 

McLellan, who refers to himself as a ‘Biryani extremist’ on his Twitter bio, started what he likes to call ‘The Great Aloo War’, and Twitter stood divided in their responses.

Moved by the movement, people even roped in the tiny elaichi into the fight. 

However, the aloo competition was close-neck, with people continuously rooting for both sections, and in the rarest case almost changing sides!

Until finally, even Asad Umar, a politician and member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, joined the fight. 

However, after a staggering count of 14,334 votes no less, the war ended in a divide, pretty much like most great wars do. 

Even though the war on aloo has ended in a divide, the minuscule elaichi is still hunting for supporters! Anyone out there?