While Game Of Thrones fans eagerly count the days left for season 6 to be aired, there is something uniquely interesting to keep them engaged! And no, it’s not a new theory about Jon Snow’s return, but something that promises to leave a good taste in your mouth!

Inspired by the HBO’s fantasy epic, a baking book titled Game Of Scones, has come up with recipes for sweets that look like the characters from all across the Seven Kingdoms. With its slogan: All men must dine, the recipe book will literally give you all the feels! The creativity doesn’t just stop here. The author – one Jammy Lannister – has an equally interesting bio that reads:

“Having lost his right hand in a tragic accident involving spun sugar, he went on to become the greatest left-handed whisker this side of the Narrow Sea…”


Here are some of the sweets for you to savour!

Nedible Stark

Oberyn’s Smashing Surprise

Remember how the Mountain gouged in the eyes of Oberyn Martell during trial by combat? Well, you get to do the same! 

Just squeeze the eyes of this chocolate egg with your thumbs and you’ll have all the raspberries and strawberry jelly gushing out! 

I’m not sure if I’d want to eat this, but full marks for creativity here!

Red Wedding Cake

White Ginger Walker

Daenerys’ Dragon Eggs

Castle Black Forest Cake

Bran Muffins

Jaime and Cersei’s Family Mess

And finally, you get what a lot of people have been fighting for… 

The Iron Scone

Valar morghulis, but not before eating!

H/T: telegraph.co.uk