In a world full of plain basic naans, be a garlic naan. It is crunchy, buttery, and sprinkled with little pieces of garlic that feel absolutely delicious melting in your mouth. 


If you aren’t one of the people who enjoy garlic naan, then I pity you. Because there is no greater joy than dipping a piece of this bread into butter chicken after a long, hard day. 

The founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian agrees! 

Just imagine, a huge chunk of butter, melting on a piece of pipping hot naan, freckled with good delicious chunks of garlic that will crush in your mouth. *drools* Who invented this gorgeous vampire kryptonite?


The versatility of a garlic naan is what sets it apart. Because it is so delicious by itself, it only elevates the other dishes it accompanies. You could pair it with chicken tikka, fish tikka, paneer tikka, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, butter paneer, dal makhni, cholley… and the list goes on. 

There are a few things in life that perfectly capture what happiness means – and garlic naan is a fine example of one such luxury.