COVID-19 has brought the world to a sudden standstill. With the economy taking a hit, many have found themselves jobless during this pandemic. 

A 79-year-old Mexican man, Carlos Elizondo used to work at a grocery store and was laid off. But not letting it get to him and to keep himself busy, Carlos started making cooking videos and uploading them on YouTube!

Known as “Tito Charly”, he became an instant internet sensation and rightly so! 

On 25th May, he uploaded his first video and in less than over a month, his YouTube page had over 400K subscribers. “Tito Charly” is all about experimenting. His ‘about’ section states: ‘At my age I still believe that everything can be achieved when you do things with the desire to live.’ 

In a short span of time, his channel has crossed the mark of one million views. In his videos, you can see him cooking everything from sausage stew to ceviche. He has uploaded 8 videos till now and all of them are overloaded with cuteness and great cooking lessons that he has accumulated over the years. 

He even made a sweet video to thank his fans when his channel got a 1000 subscribers. 

Whenever he faces a problem, his family helps him out. One of his daughters narrates and records the cooking videos. While his grandson helps in marketing the videos online. 

But that’s not enough for Charly, he has also created his own line of ingredients which he sells directly to enthusiast customers! Be it cheese, chorizo or dried meats, his daughter helps him sell the products through WhatsApp! 

Mexico News Daily

With all his videos in Spanish, you still wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from watching them because he knows just how to bring out the wow factor! 

Looks like this adorable grandpa really knows how to pull off a “blessing in disguise!”