Like eating pizza with or without ketchup and an argument between Delhiites and Mumbaikers, some battles never come to an end. Like the one between green and red chutney.

But I think deep within we know who's the hero here. From chillas and pakoras to paneer tikkas, the one dip that goes well with everything we eat is the green chutney.

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If you ask me what is one of the most difficult questions on Earth, I'll say it's choosing between red chutney and green chutney while eating samosas. While I love red chutney too, nothing can beat the orgasmic flavours of the green one.

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Every household has different versions of green chutney. There's one that's made from green chillies and coriander and other made from mint leaves and yoghurt.

The best kind of green chutney is the one that's made from a mix of dhaniya and pudina with added roasted dal and garlic and onions.

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Like imagine a huge bowl of bhelpuri with all the ingredients and lots of green chutney giving meaning to our lives...

...or hot pakoras dipped in green chutney that anyone will love.

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Green chutney is so imperative it's just impossible to imagine certain foods without it. Vada pav, samosa, fafda, tandoori chicken, and any other pakoras, green chutney makes them wholesome.

The chef himself approves.

Its sharp taste has the power to balance any flavour in the world. Veg or non-veg, the chutney is so versatile that it goes well with everything.

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It's the perfect accompaniment one would want in their lives. No matter how simple or sophisticated you are, green chutney will blend in.

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You want a dip - use green chutney.

You want a spread - use green chutney.

You want a marinade- use green chutney.

Or just lick it with your fingers while you are waiting for the food.

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Whenever I make green chutney, my heart instantly craves for plain cheese and chutney sandwiches. They seem to be the purest sandwiches on Earth.

Good food makes us happy and for me happiness right now is eating paranthas with curd and green chutney. It is an epic combination that can never go wrong.

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Remember Salman Rushdie's novel Midnight Children and its references to chutneys, especially the green chutney? Its taste and smell were imperative to the entire journey, just like they are important to us and our food.

You might prefer red chutney over green with your samosas... can like your vada pav with lesser green chutney and more red one...

...but green chutney will always be your saviour at times you need it the most.