Some time ago, Munaf Kapadia was working at Google and just generally… being. Fast forward a few years and he’s running a home chef enterprise (along with his mother mind you) that’s got a turnover of 50 lakh (according to Forbes), and that’s also serving a whole lot of great food to a lot of satisfied people.


28-year-old Munaf runs The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai, a place that was born out of Munaf wanting to keep his mother occupied rather than have her watching TV all day. She’d frequently whip up some Bohri delicacies for him before it all began, and he soon turned it into a business venture. The fare on offer has as much to do with it as Munaf’s own business moxie though.

Munaf’s maternal mutton samosas were the big draw when they started out, feeding about 20 or so guests in a sitting. Today, they run a central kitchen that makes about 30 deliveries each day, though his mom’s mutton samosas are still the piece de resistance.


Good things don’t come easy though. The Bohri Kitchen runs out of Munaf’s home, and the whole thing is an invite only affair. If you do get the golden ticket, you’ll be treated to a lavish 7-course spread. Recently though, he’s started a delivery service, which you should totally go for. In 2 years, Munaf’s turned an easy Sunday afternoon brunch into a massively successful brand that’s growing at a pretty impressive pace.