Alright, chain fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC may not have the healthiest foods out there, but I’ll be damned if I don’t admit that they have comfort food. Biting into a crunchy burger patty, with the aroma of fried potatoes in the air and post-coke burps for background music – now that’s the stuff all our childhoods were made of and we all unabashedly (and begrudgingly, in some cases) love it.

And when the good folks at Quora were asked for hacks that would get you the most for your money at McDonald’s and KFCs across India, they gave us some pretty cool tips.

1. Order your cold drinks without ice.

Even though employees have a fixed ice-beverage ratio to stick to, more often than not, psychological factors lead to you getting a fuller glass when you ask for it without ice.

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2. Ask for extra-toasted buns for your burger.

The first step in assembling burgers is toasting the buns. So asking for an extra-toasted bun will help you steer clear of pre-assembled sandwiches and ensure a fresh, crunchy burger.

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3. Order unsalted fries for a freshness guarantee.

Fries too, are fried, salted and kept ready to serve. By asking for them without salt you’re basically getting them to fry up a fresh, unsalted batch especially for you, which you can just add salt to later!

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4. If possible, visit the restaurant close to opening time.

The food is just out of the freezer (and therefore at its crunchiest), the oil is fresh, the buns have just arrived and the employees handling your food are nicer than they will be at closing time. If you can, definitely go early.

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5. Order online for the discounts.

KFC as well as McDonald’s offer little discounts on all online purchases (or on next orders after filling a feedback form online), which most people don’t take advantage of. Even if you’re eating at the restaurant, order online and save some casheesh.

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6. Use the phrase ‘full time’ for special attention to your order.

Rumour has it that employees use the phrase ‘full time’ as mark for freshly prepared food when they get bulk orders. So we say it’s worth a shot to try it out. Just place your order, say, ‘full time kar dena’, and see if it bumps you up to first class!

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7. A smile and kind words will take your order a long way.

All industry insiders say that if you treat those dealing with your fast food with respect, you’re likely going to get the best possible experience. In most cases, just asking for the better chicken piece or the freshest buns with a smile is the easiest hack out there.

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There you have it. Don’t forget to thank us (and the kind people of Quora) the next time you’re enjoying a juicy treat at one of our long-loved fast food chains.