It’s the festive season, & what better way to celebrate it than with some good food. The best combo in the world, halwa, poori, chana, is devoured by many of us during Ashtami.

The nine-day fasting ends with Halwa puri day, & trust me it’s the most relishing platter of the day.

Even the nutritionists suggest the combination of halwa, poori, and, chana provides all essential nutrients to the human body after nine days of fasting.

I mean, just look at this. What gives you food orgasms? It’s definitely halwa, poori, chana.

What makes the combo more delicious is you can have halwa puri together & it tastes the best. The chana is cooked without garlic and onions but it tastes so good, you will end up having many puris. 

After a long day of celebrations, this combo is all you need. The crispy puris and halwa with lots of dry fruits & ghee are what you can call heaven on earth (No I am not craving for it you are). 

Be it Garba, Pujo, these snacks just fit right with everything. And you know what the halwa tastes even better the next day, & you can have puris with tea in the morning.

We have so many weird combinations, Maggi shake, dry fruit, why not just try the best combo in the world. 

I think I am going to have the best combo in the world. You can go too!