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The millennial generation have their priorities set when it comes to health. We KNOW how important it is to eat healthy and be fit. But between tight schedules, long hours and little cheat breaks, nailing the health part just shifts to the back of our minds. We want to be healthy, but we’re just too busy to do so.  

You know what works best for us? Legitimate health hacks!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’re scamming our health, but we know how hectic our lives get. If this is something we can hack, we sure will. But finding tried-and-tested alternatives can be a problem. With the influence of pop-culture and pseudo-health trends, we struggle to find the right trends to follow. If you find yourself in the same dilemma, you’ve landed in the right place. Here are 8 hacks to achieve the healthy lifestyle we all crave.

1. There’s more to life than being a gym-rat 

How many times have we looked at our gym membership and sighed out of frustration? You might as well put that away, because gymming ain’t the only way to get that body in shape. Try alternative workouts to suit your preferences. Try yoga, if you’re all about the calm vibes, or zumba if you love to dance. Swimming is a great option if you want to workout without breaking a sweat. 

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2. Ditch sugar and use Zero Sugar all 365 days 

Sipping pheeki chai in the morning is a perfect recipe to make us grumpy all day, right? I mean, we have to miss out on so many things to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, there’s a way to keep the sweetness in life and avoid those unhealthy calories; TATA Nx Zero Sugar is a healthy natural stevia-based sweetener that lets you enjoy all your favourite delicacies without taking a toll on your body. You can use the jar at home and carry the sachets in your bags/pockets when on the move. And the best part is – it does not have an odd aftertaste like other sugar alternatives. #WinWin, right?        

3. If you’re stuck to your chair all day long, workout there itself 

Long working hours can mean you are glued to your screen and chair all day long. However, there are some exercises you can manage to do while you’re stuck. Light stretches, an occasional stroll around the office grounds or even changing your position every 30 minutes can work wonders to keep you flexible.  


4. Water should be your new best friend 

It is paramount that you visit the ‘hydration-station’ every hour. While experts will tell you 8 litres of water per day is the ideal amount, you need to be having water throughout the day without pushing yourself too hard. Drinking water can help you fight those nagging hunger-pangs, prevent and avoid headaches at work, and help in weight loss too. Also, the benefits water has for clearing up your skin makes us believe water is really God’s elixir.


5. Utilise the wee hours of the morning 

Once we get past the struggle of waking up in the morning, you bet we can conquer the world. Those golden hours between 6-9 are the best to get things done. An early morning workout can help you stay pumped throughout the day. You can also utilise these hours to catch up on work since the brain’s functioning is prime in these hours. Then lucky you can progress through the day feeling on top of your game. 


6. If you’re not starting any good habits, start dropping the bad ones 

Although the key to perfect health might be a combination of all the right food habits and exercise regimes, not all of us are capable of just flipping the switch. While it can take you some time to pick up the right habits, start by dropping the bad ones. This way, if you’re not working towards being healthier, at least you’re not making it any worse for you. If you can’t start with eating salads or only greens straight off the bat, you can limit the amount of junk food you eat to once a week.


7. Practice mindfulness 

Repeat after me: mental health is just as important as physical health. While you’re putting so much effort into keeping your body in shape, it is only right to keep your mind in shape too. Practice mindfulness, a meditation technique of focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. Even if you do so for 15 minutes a day, you’ll come out of it feeling more calm and relaxed than before. 


8. Go dancing 

Yes, you read that right. Dancing as a workout is super fun, works out your whole body and is a blessing for balance and coordination. You could stand to burn as many calories as you would from jogging. Grab a friend and join a dance class; you can experiment with all kinds of styles to figure out the ones you like. Or if a class is too much commitment, just go dancing to a club! You’ll end up having more fun.


Do you know any other health hacks? Share them so we can all get healthier without breaking a sweat!