The very mention of Lucknow immediately draws forth images of tasty delicacies, served with tantalizing condiments, doesn’t it? Enter the city and you’ll find eateries that serve you the most authentic Mughlai dishes with a dash of aromatic spices, transporting you back to the medieval times. 


One of Lucknow’s most famous dishes that has been interwoven with the history of the place is the “Galouti Kebab”. The word ‘galouti’ meaning “the thing that melts in the mouth” and that’s what it does; galaouti kebabs are so soft, they melt in the mouth.

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There is, however, an interesting story behind the conception of this variant of “melt in the mouth meat”.

The kebab was specially made for the ageing Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah. The Nawab had lost his set of teeth, but not his appetite for meat! At his behest, the royal kitchens came up with an ingenious way of preparing meat that was easy to go down the foodpipe.

The cooks marinated finely ground meat, mixing it with unripe papaya and sprinkling a mix of erotic spices. They then fried the keema in oil/ghee. It is said that the original recipe contained a mix of more than 100 exotic spices! 


A serving of Galouti Kebab is now synonymous with a trip to Lucknow. Setting foot in Lucknow and leaving without a serving of this tasty delicacy is akin to sacrilege. And we all have a Nawab with bad teeth to thank for this sumptuous dish!