For all you confection connoisseurs out there, this is the moment of your reckoning; the moment you’ve been so dearly waiting for. Now, if you’re any good at baking, you’ve probably already realised that it’s difficult to absolutely nail the perfect chocolate cake. Well, we have an answer to this that you’ve been looking for so desperately. Put your faith in us now; this one’s as awesome as it is confusing.

One of the first recipes including this secret ingredient is as old as World War II.

Considering the fact that most staples like oil, eggs and butter were scarce around WWII. In turn cooks turned toward this ingredient to rectify simpler and common problems with chocolate cakes, like them being too dry.

In more recent times, an American chef made the ingredient more popular in a Cosmopolitan article.

A Kansas city chef, Jasper J Mirabile Jr revealed that he discovered the secret ingredient from an older recipe written by his mother. And, it is definitely not along the lines of what you might expect it to be.

Drum rolls. So, what’s the secret ingredient, you ask? It’s mayonnaise.

According to Mirabile, mayo is an excellent substitute for oil, it balances out the sweetness of sugar and prevents the cake from drying out. Now, this works in favour of vegans and dairy lovers alike, considering the number of different kinds of mayonnaise you can find in markets nowadays. In fact, not just chocolate cakes, this ingredient can be used for any cake with a particularly strong flavour base. Like a spice cake also.

Try this out and let us know how it worked out. And, shhhh… It’s a secret.

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