Do you know what’s hard to say no to? That one drink when you are tipsy. 

When I started drinking, it was all about how quickly I get drunk, and soon after that, I would doze off. Not to forget the hangover that ruins the next day. But, if you truly want to enjoy that high, you need to learn the “art of drinking,” so don’t worry, we got this. 

1. Know your drink.

Firstly, it’s different for each one of us. Some may get drunk with just two drinks, and some may need more than that. Find a drink that gives you that perfect high and no bad hangover.

2. Check ABV (Alcohol by volume) before you drink.

It may sound cliche, but save you from that excruciating hangover. ABV tells you the percentage of alcohol in the drink. It will tell you how hard the alcohol is going to hit you. So, you know how much is too much for you. 

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3. Don’t break your blood alcohol concentration spot.

To drink and not get drunk, you need to maintain your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below .06 percent. It will make sure the next morning is better. And you don’t fall sick.

4. They say to eat a lot. Wait.. you need to know what to eat.

Though this has been the universal rule for drinking, you cannot just hog anything you get. Don’t eat anything oily or fatty. Instead, go for something light yet snacky. 

5.  Get the right tool before you make your drink.

If you are drinking in a club, you don’t have to worry about it. But, if you have to make your drink use a peg measure so you don’t end up drinking more than you should. 

6. Don’t chug it.

Yeah, I know you cannot just wait to get that high. But, give your body some time. It takes an hour to process one standard drink.  Add some ice cubes to your drink and sip slowly. You have plenty of time. So don’t hurry.

7. Stay hydrated. 

You are anyway going to pee a lot when you drink. So, drink lots and lots of water. If you have two shots, make sure to drink two glasses of water. Here’s a tip- sit with a glass of water when you drink, so you don’t forget it when you are drunk. 

8.  Never mix up your drink. 

No, mixing up drinks is not getting you drunk quicker. All it will do is make you sick and give you the worst hangover ever. The only mixing you need is water or soda and not any other alcohol.

9. Say no to shots.

Wait, hear me out. Shots have the highest alcohol concentration. It will wreck your blood alcohol concentration and make you sick. So, if you truly want to get drunk, say no to shots. 

10. Switch between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

It’s a great way to limit your alcohol intake. Try mocktails, drink water, or there are so many other  nonalcoholic drinks. Try them. 

11. There’s more you can do than just drink.

Focus on other things around you. Have weird conversations, socialize, dance, and the list goes on. Don’t just only get drunk. You may miss out on all the fun your friends will have. 

12. How do you handle the hangover? 

After all, this even if you still have a bad hangover. Make sure you eat right and keep yourself hydrated. Including lemons, you can eat bananas, oats, and papaya. Eat something rich in vitamin C or something that will give you instant energy. 

No coffee will not ease your hangover but dehydrate your body. 

If you honestly want to enjoy drinking, make sure you drink responsibly and not drink more than you can handle.